Up-to-date with the UK’s most highly accredited training and brow qualifications, Kallinika is a brow fanatic.  ​ From her Studio in Essex, she is known for creating natural looking, 3-D like, semi-permanant brows, one hair stroke at a time, taming brows whilst keeping them full and feathered and loves to create a full on power brow for those who desire it. Kallinika is driven by a true passion for the transformative effects of a perfect eyebrow! Her patience and eye for understanding your face, its colouring and dimensions ensures a flattering and sophisticated effect.

  • Microblading courses Essex and London
  • Microblading courses Essex and London


Brows are powerful, easily beauty’s most game-changing asset. Brow Sophistication is a beauty studio dedicated to the craft of beautiful brows for clients seeking an atmosphere of inspiration & comfort. We want clients to look and feel better than they ever have before. When it comes to product performance just like our brow shaping, we are set on perfection. We are happiest when we’re making clients look and feel their best with perfect brows.



Brow Sophistication is a modern private suite for the ultimate in luxury eyebrow couture. Tailored exclusively for Kallinika’s clientele, Brow Sophistication is a premium destination offering a discrete and sophisticated beauty haven. The Studio’s beautifully feminine and calm space is paired with exquisite elegance surrounded by stunning views. Interiors are elegantly modern, punctuated by monochrome velvet lounges, splashes of gold detailing, ambient lighting and taking inspiration from the likes of Tom Ford.

“It is a true escape, I would live here if I could, its sophisticated yet sexy and my clients admire the same results when they look in the mirror.”

  • Microblading courses Essex and London
  • Microblading courses Essex and London
  • Microblading courses Essex and London
  • Microblading courses Essex and London


The Luxè Brow

A matte make up effect sharper towards the arch and tail of the brow softer towards the front, made up of small pixels to create shading and depth, a power brow here to wow! Softens upto 40% once healed!

The Fluffy Brow Blend

Using two different techniques, ombré powder and our signature sophisticated brow to create a sharp body and tail with fluffy hair like fronts, ideal for all skin types, This will soften upto 50% once healed! Great for those that lack the natural hair growth or wanting to achieve a fuller bodied FLUFF!

The Brow Scuplt

Kallinika will transform your brow line using a wax, tweeze and golden ratio method. a tint either darker or bleaching if required is included, light eye makeup will be applied to disguise any redness after the treatment.

The Luxè Enhancement

The Luxè Enhancement is out take on HD Brows using a henna stain that lasts much longer and sticks to the skin and the hairs giving a short term make up effect, great for those not ready to commit to something more permanent. A wax, trim, tweeze is included in this.

The Fluffy Enhancement

The fluffy Enhancement is a perm of the eyebrow hairs, where they are lifted and set into an swept upwards facing position. No need for brow gel to tame them, any unruly brows, or downward facing hairs can be transformed. A wax and tint is included in this treatment. This lasts you for upto 8 weeks.

The Sophisticated Brow

A semi permanent treatment that creates 3D crisp hair-strokes and gives the appearance of fluffy natural looking brows.

The Bushy Brow

Following catwalk trends a firm favourite for those whanting full and bushy unkept brows but dont have the natural hair growth to achieve it.




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